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About Us

It took a complete financial wipeout before I really started learning how to play the real estate investing game, but looking back at it now… it was the best thing could’ve ever happened to me!

Because it forced me to work on my game.

My creativity soared.

I got a whole lot more resourceful.

My analytical skills got ten times sharper.  

And so did my negotiation skills, so the deals just kept getting better and better.

I also got a little smarter, so I started paying way closer attention to things like timing, the Property Cycle, and area selection.

Because when you’re stripped of all your assets and resources like I was, you don’t have a lot of room for error.

So I really went to work on upping my game.

Not from inspiration, but desperation!

I had no choice.

It didn’t feel like it at the time, but man… there were so many benefits of having to go through a “rising from the ashes” period like this…

For one, I had to develop an “A Game”, just to be able to get in the game.

As a result, I never want to say that it becomes impossible to lose (because there’s always risk).

But I do want to say that it makes it harder to lose.  I remember a few years ago someone came up to me and said…

You know … you’re so lucky.  Everything seems to come so easy for you.”

He was talking about real estate investing.  Which really cracked me up.

Why?  Well, to get to the point where things seem to ‘come so easy’, here’s the path I had to go through:

2 Business Failures (and these are just the big glaring ones … there were others!)  

2 Foreclosures


And the big D…


Now you tell me, does that look like EASY STREET to you?

It’s not necessarily the path I prescribe, but there’s certainly tremendous value in having a ‘never say die’ mentality.  

A person who never gives up will always succeed.  


So anyway, I’ve been at this real estate thing now for over 25 years, have been involved in over 680 commercial & residential transactions, and oversee a growing portfolio spread across 5 states in the U.S.  

Some fun facts about me:  I’m an avid traveler… part-time health nut (with a weakness for pancakes)… sports fan (love all sports, but it’s mainly boxing these days)… and a reader and student of good books and courses in the realm of business, real estate, spirituality, health & wellness, and personal growth.  

Oh, and I really like showing people how to create more passive income so they can live life on their own terms and do more fun stuff.  

Kimmie’s real estate investing career has mirrored her life journey… a tough beginning, and lots of unique learning experiences in the “school of hard knocks”, but she never gave up and eventually started to flourish.

She believes that no matter what career choice we decide on, we all must become investors.  A job (and even most businesses) provides a roof over our heads and puts food on the table, but it typically doesn’t give us the time and financial freedom we all crave, so investing is a must.

According to billionaire industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined. The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.”

This same belief is what inspired her to start her own real estate business in 2005, and ignited her passion to create passive income for both herself and her clients.

Despite her success in real estate sales, Kimmie has primarily been focused on building her own portfolio over the past 10+ years, and now has ownership in over 30 residential and commercial properties spread across five states in the U.S.

She loves working with investors and showing them how to get exceptional returns on their money. Her mission? Showing people a realistic path to creating enough passive income… so they can live life on their own terms.

In her spare time, she loves listening to music and being active in nature.  She loves taking weekly hikes with family and friends, traveling, and hanging out with her family.